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IRD Swiss

As German engineering office firm, situated in Potsdam closed to Berlin, we develope projects for construction of Cement plants in high-end design,
tailored to Your needs and to Your available budget. 
We work effective, fast, reliable and cost-efficiently.
Our strength is our availability worldwide within 60 hours on Your site!



We plan and build Cement plants wich are even expandable after years by capcity, other types of cement or accomodate a faster fuel conversation of the rotary kilns. From a capacity of
8000 TPD we recommand using our modular production lines, so e.g. 2* 4000 TPD,
to be closer to the customer needs for both quality assurance and more variable cement types.

Up to 6000 TPD (daily tons) will be recommended a single line cement plant, where only one unit of Rotary kiln will be installed. In such plant constructions is just one firing flame necessary. The advantage is an easier rotary kiln to be run, but while kiln maintaining once in year or during any burning interruption is the entire daily manufacturing of clinker down.

For our EPC projects, we also bring a 100% financing under certain conditions. As part of a supply and service contract with us as general contractor (EPC), we are able to raise funds that guarantee the repayment of such investment funds by means of a so-called coupon guarantee as refinancing instrument. For more detailed questions please use the inquiry button.

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                                                Integrated software solutions


Self-sufficient production lines

Every line has its own:
- pre-mix preparation 
- Additiv storage
- Pyro department
- Grinding department
- Packaging and delivery


Expandable as required

Any number of lines can be tied downwards, regardless of whether with additional cement lines or e.g. lines for lime production or even an additional production line for white cement.


Integrated customer handling

Our layouts include the placement and monitoring of all customer traffic in the area, regardless of the number of customer vehicles or customer service staff is being present.


Central process control

Every line is monitored and controlled by an independent process control center. An associated cement lab is included as well as a task force.


Short paths for maintenance

By straight line arrangement, all paths for monitoring and maintaining the lines are limited to a maximum distance of 400 m to either side. 


Automated additive storage

Our additive warehouses are equipped with automatic hydraulic windlasses that allow a large-sized and fast truck delivery area and will be moved by belts into process

SIEMENS Process control

We work in the automated manufacturing and control process with the leading CEMAT software solution from Siemens.

SAP Warehouse management

Integrated raw material and additive inventory management ensures automatic warehousing and interaction with suppliers.

Cement quality management

State-of-the-art cement laboratory equipment allows standardized quality assurance according
EN 197-1 for PORTLAND Cements