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We offer a 100% full financing for our projects!

  1. PROJECT AGREEMENT - You enter into an agreement with us for cooperation on Your project. This agreement, so-called Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be the first legal basis for obtaining financing from us.
  2. FUND FINANCING - IRD Swiss selects the appropriate investment fund for You and procures a financing confirmation from the future financier. This confirmation of financing will be issued subject to the required guarantor.
  3. TEASER - We create for You a so-called Teaser. This global presentation of Your new project is a brief exposé of the same and at the same time it is the incentive for an investor to invest in Your project. At this point, the biggest mistakes are made by financial service providers, because these inner project relationships, to which investors value, are not or little known, because this is only for specialists. Creating this teaser is free for You.
  4. FEASIBILITY STUDY - Our specialists create a current and meaningful site survey of Your project. Upon completion, this will be handed out to you, a fund company and an investment guarantor for review.
  5. GUARANTOR - The investor needs a so-called coupon issuing guarantor to hedge its investment. This is to be provided by the customer, so You. However, if necessary, we can offer You appropriate assistance in selecting a suitable guarantor. IMPORTANT: a coupon guarantee is NOT a bank guarantee but represents the hedge of annual refinancing rate!
  6. Payout of funds - Upon agreement between the investor (fund management company), the client and a final due diligence, the investment agreement will be concluded for either 10, 15 or 20 years. From now on the funds for Your project are immediately and completely available. Usually, the payment will be transferred to Your business accounts or to the account of the guarantor, who then releases the money according to the progress of EPC contractor's work.
  7. Construction starts - Your new cement plant project can start...